American Defence University (ADU) was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to provide the necessary education and training to restore the American republic and the great American militia and ranger traditions. In addition, we seek to improve the present American military culture and performance. 

ADU is the first online private military academy in the United States of America and focuses solely on full-spectrum soldier development. Our curriculum is open to the public because as the American founders and US Code makes very clear, every citizen is a member of the militia, and therefore, is duty bound to seek out and master this curriculum. American Defence University is the only provider of this curriculum in North America. 

Our present offerings are contained in two distinct programs outlined below:

  1. MILITARY CONDITIONING PROGRAM (Military Physical Training Instructor Certification) 
    1. Military Conditioning: Core Concepts for Developing Combat Performance
    2. Movement, Mobility & Acrobatics (MMA) Skills
    3. Light Gymnastics Skills Series
    4. Heavy Gymnastics Skills Series
    5. Maneuver Skills Series
    6. Amphibious Skills Series
    7. Performance Nutrition Series
    8. Obstacle Negotiation Skills Series
    9. Breathing Skills Series
    10. Natural Health & Recovery Practices
    1. The Way of The American Warrior (Moral-Political Development)
    2. Technical-Tactical Development of The Soldier
    3. Neuropsychological Development of The Soldier
    4. Military Combatives Series
    5. Marksmanship & Tactics Series 
    6. Equipment Care & Maintenance 
    7. Land Navigation 
    8. Basic Soldier Skills Series 
    9. SERE Series 
    10. Operations & Patrolling Series 
    11. Building High-Performance Combat Teams 
    12. Military Mountaineering Series