American Defence was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to revolutionize military training for the American citizen-soldier, active duty military, and special operations.


To be the leader in American warrior development.


After two decades of conflict, war, and special operations service, our founder, Nathanael Morrison, concluded that the bloated, bureaucratic federal government will never be capable of properly training and educating soldiers. Nor should they. Constitutionally speaking, it is not the role of the federal government to provide such training and education. The role of the federal government is for Congress to call up the militia of the several states and issue a formal Declaration of War, thus authorizing the President to execute the war effort. It is the duty of the People, the communities, and the States to provide well-educated and able-bodied men to serve in the militia and the active duty armed forces.

Following the Militia Act of 1903, public military training and militia service declined dramatically. Historically there were many private and state organizations dedicated to providing military training to the public and training officers. Today there is no such state or national center of excellence providing training, education, and regulation in support of the state militias or the Department of Defense. Such an organization provides an invaluable service to the states and the nation by producing properly educated, physically fit, skilled, virtuous, and highly capable men for the state militias and the Department of Defense.

American Defence is a private military academy providing the requisite training and education in military science to the American citizen. The curriculum includes American civics, classical philosophy, psychology, physical fitness, military science, combat skills training, and studies of the contemporary operating environment. Presently American Defence provides training online and via mobile in-residence courses on a contract basis. Future expansion plans are directed toward funding a campus in Colorado to leverage the terrain, altitude, and weather to enhance training. Investors are encouraged to contact us for more information.

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Our Core Values

  1. NATURAL LAW – The universal, immutable laws of nature and nature’s universal morality upon which the American Constitution is built.
  2. THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION - The American constitution, the supreme law of the land, compact of the several states, which sanctions the preservation of life, liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness is our cause and requires that We The People be forever prepared, vigilant, active, and courageous.
  3. WISDOM - Anyone can be trained to act. Knowledge of when to act, why, and how is wisdom and determines the morality of action.
  4. PREPAREDNESS – Wisdom without preparedness cannot be acted upon without harming the actor. Performance and competence cannot be rapidly manufactured after a crisis. A competent and fit response cannot be accelerated after the fact and is not possible after the need presents itself.
  5. WARRIOR ETHOS – Being moral habits most beneficial to human competence and cooperative coexistence, we strive daily to live the rational, tactical, and warrior virtues.
  6. MILITARY MASTERY – There is no such thing as true peace, only a lull in the the violence. Life itself is a full spectrum battle for survival, dominance, and propagation. The prime directive of every human is the preservation of their own lives, then that of their family, the safety of their community, and the sovereignty of all from one’s own person to their State and Nation pursuant to our liberty. Every adult should master basic military tactics, techniques, and procedures should they suddenly find the need to defend life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.
  7. HUMANS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN HARDWARE - A machine is only as effective as the man operating and maintaining it.
  8. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - The ability to do more with less is only realized when one man is able to match the effect of ten or when an eight-man team is more combat effective than 120-man company.
  9. SMALL CIRCLE DEVELOPMENT - High performance and competence cannot be mass produced; small dedicated groups consistently produce higher quality and performance than mass production.